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Advent MEC's RAFLaughterIntensifies Application Empty Advent MEC's RAFLaughterIntensifies Application

Post by Revenant on Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:56 pm

Steam Name: Advent MEC
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:5072715
Profile Link:
Age: 603.
How long have you been rping: Too long.
How did you find us: Bugging Piano and Satan.
Have you been banned from Singularity Gaming: Nope.


Name: Woldemar Kleiber

Age: Twenty Six

Species: Human

Why do you want to roleplay a character of said species?: Because I have a Lieutenant and I'd rather not take up any other race slots.

How familiar are you with it?: I've studied humans for years now from my robotics laboratory. I've dissected many and written several books on my findings.

MOS (Military Occupational Specialty): Mech Operator.

Why do you want to roleplay within said MOS?: Because it's a mech.

How OOCly familiar are you with the topic? (Ex. Combat Medic - OOC Knowledge of Medical Procedures): I know how a mech works and the specifications of the Atlas Mech's armaments and systems after reading it up on the Wiki. Anything I don't know I can just revise.

You do understand as this is a private server and you have filled out a Application you can be removed from the Server or have your Character taken away within reason at any moment: Affirmative.

Do you understand that any medical disabilities your character has would be present on a work form - And thus may make your character ineligible for a job in the Military?: Of course.

Are you also aware that this is a Joint-Task-Force Military, and that your character will be held to the standards of a soldier?: Solid Copy.

Two How ever many Paragraph Backstory - Five to Seven Sentences per Paragraph:

Born Woldemar Kleiber in an human industrial colony on the planet Runia, a boy who would quickly be introduced into the world of racism and pro-human beliefs by his father and the conflicting ideals of his mother would raise the young Woldemar in a conflicted household. Whilst arguments between his parents were frequent, Woldemar could always find refuge with his two older brothers and sister; usually going outside to roam the industrial powerhouse that was the colony on Runia. With his parents divorce when he was five years old and his mother’s departure once the documents were signed and approved, Woldemar alongside his siblings were left at the mercy of his father and his beliefs. As the unofficial indoctrination continued with his father’s teachings whilst the Kleiber family went on in years, Woldemar, being the youngest and most impressionable at the time, took on his father's teachings fully, seeing as there were no barriers in the way with his mother no longer living with the family.

Upon reaching his teenage years, Woldemar was quickly put to work piloting mechs to support with the industrial facilities around the colony, primarily heavy lifting of raw materials or anything that would be beyond the strength of any number of men would be able to pull off. Whilst his siblings all moved on out of the colony back to Earth for better work and rivalry with their father for his ideals, Woldemar was left with his father to continue work at the industrial plants, gaining skills with the operation of mechs as the years he worked were put under his belt. Sitting at home every night whilst his father lectured him on how humanity was superior to the rest of the races that were commonly known and how like his father, Woldemar should do his part to get humanity into its throne of dominance over the galaxy.

At eighteen, Woldemar did just that. Enlisting to join Cerberus with his father's utmost blessing and pride, Woldemar would soon be picked up at the dead of night and transported to a Cerberus firebase on the planet Mochonia, a snow planet hidden away from the prying eyes of the Alliance and the Council. Being raised on a planet where the industrial skyline surrounded the planet, the white hills and low temperature made a nice change, if somewhat difficult to get used to for the first few weeks, though by the time his proper training came, Woldemar was ready to become one of many Cerberus troopers to uphold the organization.

Over a period of months, Woldemar was selected out of the other recruits to be trained up to become a pilot for the Atlas class mech at Cerberus’ disposal due to his previous years operating a similar mech, albeit unarmed, during his occupation in the industrial works back home. Learning how to operate the mech properly; handling the weapons, deployment and defensive capabilities of the mech, Woldemar became a certified mech pilot after months of dedicated and advanced training; ready to assist Cerberus troopers with their operations. Whilst Cerberus was secretive and considered terrorists, it didn’t mean that Woldemar would not make friends in his new working environment; becoming friends with a small group of fellow operatives, they spend the remaining days of their training together, ready to be deployed on their first operation under Cerberus.

Weeks passed before the newly trained Cerberus operatives finally got their first operation. Being sent to an alien colony to occupy it for research, hearing about a Prothean artifact hidden beneath the colony, Woldemar was deployed alongside a small force to move in and occupy the site so that research teams could move in and begin to uncover the prototype. Of course, the aliens already living there weren’t of the cooperating type; knowing what Cerberus was planning for them and retaliated against Woldemar and the rest of the Cerberus forces. The fight was no match, with Cerberus being highly trained and armed against a couple of colonists. It was Woldemar’s first ‘combat’ deployment, though the combat really ended in a matter of minutes. Being the first time he had killed an alien, he felt almost proud about the whole thing in a twisted sort of way; knowing that Cerberus and his father had taught brought him to the day where he would be the vanguard of humanity against every other race in the galaxy.

After his first operation, Woldemar had a period of time where he would undertake several operations and grow closer to those within his cell. Making a good number of friends that he would bond and operate with during his time in Cerberus. Woldemar would be considered as a valuable asset to his cell with his ability to operate an Atlas mech very effectively.Through thick and thin, Woldemar’s cell defended humanity’s place in the galaxy bit by bit and with every questionable operation and order given to them by their superiors. As far as Woldemar was concerned, his place within Cerberus was set and the organization would successfully bring humanity to the top of the food chain. Woldemar felt invincible alongside his comrades and together they felt they could take on any challenge.

When assigned to a Firebase as security during the beginning of the Human-Reaper war, everything seemed fine. Sure, a couple of Woldemar’s comrades had been called elsewhere for some sort of experiment, Woldemar and the remainder of his comrades guarded their assigned posts in relative peace. However, hours later, when one of their squadmates returned acting not like himself in the slightest, more like a mech than a person, Woldemar and his comrades grew curious and ultimately afraid. With the discovery that their comrade, once a joking and humourous individual was now integrated with Reaper technology, their whole world crumbled around them. In a sense, their arrogance and blind loyalty to Cerberus was their downfall. Keeping calm and collected, the remaining unchanged of the fighting force banded together to hatch a plan; escape before they would all lose the thing they were fighting for - their humanity.

Going rogue a day later, fighting their way out with the support of Woldemar and his Atlas mech, the group of rogue Cerberus escaped the Firebase with minimal casualties, a couple of sacrifices made by two of the more valiant of the group ensured that the majority escaped. Using a commandeered kodiak, the group escaped from the Cerberus controlled zone and made it to safety. There they attempted to hail any Alliance vessel in the hopes of being picked up and brought away from Cerberus where they could explain their story. Fortunately, a wandering patrol vessel heard their hails and picked up the rogue Cerberus; detaining them for a time and holding several interrogations to ensure that they weren’t planning to infiltrate the Alliance ranks or jeopardize the war effort against the Reapers. Being brought back to a secure location where Alliance brass could hold further questioning and check their files, the process would take several weeks before the group was cleared and brought into the war effort.

Fighting against the Reapers and Cerberus for the remainder of the Human-Reaper war, Woldemar struggled to fit in with fighting alongside alien forces rather than against them. Whilst Cerberus had lied to him and planned to control the Reaper technology and become machines rather than humans, his blatant support for the human race and hatred against aliens still bubbled beneath the surface, though any incidents were rare, as Woldemar quickly learnt to shut his mouth when he was without his Atlas mech, especially around the Krogan. Fighting in key battles during the war, Woldemar was reunited with an Atlas mech after a successful engagement with Cerberus and Reaper forces, using it to support the infantry against the large waves of Reaper infantry once the indoctrinated Cerberus forces were wiped out. Off the battlefield, Woldemar and his comrades were scrutinized heavily by their superiors and peers, simply due to being a part of Cerberus; a case of bad blood for everyone that didn’t support the terrorism that Cerberus saw as their duty. Whilst the rogue Cerberus members were valuable on the field, it made little difference to their peers, who simply tolerated them due to needing all the help they could get.

Surviving all trials thrown at him, Woldemar and his comrades were found at the final battle of the Reaper war; London. Serving as a frontline force to push for Commander Shepard’s objective alongside other assets of the combined force, Woldemar threw himself into the fray of battle with his comrades and friends, knowing that in order to stop the possible destruction of humanity, the Reapers had to be destroyed. With their lives on the line, they were successful in their efforts and the Reapers were destroyed by Commander Shepard’s actions. They had done it, the war had been won.

Recognized for their efforts during the war, the rogue Cerberus squadmates were officially pardoned and any charges against them withheld. Whilst the rest of his squadmates packed in the towel and went their separate ways, Woldemar requested a transfer into another combat unit to continue his service; sure the biggest threat to the Galaxy was decimated but there would always be someone or something causing trouble. Besides, Woldemar wasn’t quite done yet serving humanity… Even if it meant that he had to swap sides and cooperate with those that he had been raised to hate.

Woldemar got his wish and was assigned to the First Contact Task Force as a mech operator. Being sent as a ‘sponsor’ of sorts alongside an Atlas mech, he could only hope that his combat experience, mech piloting skills and questionable thoughts on anything that wasn’t human would be enough to see him through.

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Advent MEC's RAFLaughterIntensifies Application Empty Re: Advent MEC's RAFLaughterIntensifies Application

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Advent MEC's RAFLaughterIntensifies Application FA04AF56399A1965619FE2A22DD46FC64B476021

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