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Steam Name: Toppy
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How long have you been rping? Since 2011/2012.
How did you find us? Dex, Dragon, and Piano.
Have you been banned from Singularity Gaming? Nope.

Name: Valerya T'Kysi
Age: 130 – 25th, September, 2056
Species: Asari
MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) : Vanguard Huntress
You do understand as this is a private server and you have filled out an Application you can be removed from the Server or have your Character taken away within reason at any moment: Yes, I understand this.
Two Paragraph Backstory(For Returning players it is only one Paragraph), Five to Seven Sentences per Paragraph:

Circa 2056 - Asari Colony: Orison

Valerya was born from a seemingly unlikely combination of parents – Or rather, a taboo one. – Both her mother and father were Asari, and she was thusly a genetic ‘pureblood.’ Her home for the first few years of her life happened to be Orison, a well-off colony that had existed for many years. Technologically advanced and full of cities, Orison wasn’t the typical run-of-the-mill colony that just started. Like almost every Asari planet, Orison had various military groups for each respective city. Naturally, some were more advanced than the others due to population factors and economic factors. Valerya herself happened to be born to the ‘Capital’ city, which is where she was raised for the first portion of her life.

Time passed on for Valerya rather quickly due to the fact she immersed herself in the more scholarly tasks in life. She invested her time into studying any subject that she found interesting. – She typically told herself that she should invest some of her lifespan into various subjects. In the end, she had spent the first forty or so years of her life going through various educational courses. Her family was well off, and so they could afford to send her to a University, which is where she spent most of her time. Throughout all of it, Valerya kept a rather healthy outlook on life; There was so much to learn and so much to see, so why not enjoy as much as you can? Eventually, however, she found that scholarly pursuits weren’t enough for her. She wanted more out of life, and saw an opportunity to see more within the ranks of the Asari Huntresses. With that in mind, she opted to file a sort of ‘application’ to her Home-City’s ranks so that she could begin a new section of her life.

Twenty years had passed by in what felt like an instant. Valerya devoted that entire period of her life solely to Martial-Studies. She had become well versed in various hand-to-hand styles, military tactics, and firearms training. Along with her studies and eventual Huntress-Qualification came various pieces of technology. She had even been given a Biotic-Implant so that she could be educated in using her natural talent. After all, it was a requirement for most Huntress groups that a Huntress trains in using their biotic abilities. Even still, Valerya wasn’t satisfied with what she had undergone. Post-Training she spent most of her time doing the equivalent of nothing. She signed up with the assumption that there’d be an adventure to be had, but there wasn’t one. Valerya quickly searched to find something that she could enjoy doing, and she found it. It came in the form of an advertisement for Mercenary work. Valerya quickly filed a resume, which was accepted within a short amount of time.

Valerya found herself being accepted into a relatively small Mercenary group, though most if not all of its members were well trained Huntresses such as herself. The group itself was more of a Police-Force than that of a Soldiers-Of-Fortune group. Instead of smuggling drugs, taking prisoners, raiding ships and all manner of ‘unethical’ work, they went around preventing those things. They did indeed have their own ship, and typically answered any distress calls that had been put up. Valerya had been a part of various missions to prevent all of these things, and she found that her time studying within the Huntresses was a reward in its own. There was rarely a force the group ran into that they couldn’t deal with, and if they couldn’t deal with it, they’d typically resort to banding up with another group of ‘vigilante’ Mercenaries.

However, like all good things in life, they come to an end. During what was seemingly a simple ‘scouting’ operation, the Huntresses found that it was a set up – But it was too late by then. It was a Batarian force that had set them up. It was the same group of Batarians that had been harassing various colonies, but this time around they were actually organized. A one-sided battle quickly ensued with Vorya and her squad—mates on the wrong end of it. Many Asari went down in that fight, but for every Asari that went down many more Batarians went down. Each side was trading their lives one-for-the-other, and it was going to be a pyrrhic victory. The fight itself was relatively short and heated, as all firefights typically were. Valerya along with a few surviving Squad—Mates came out relatively unscathed, but there was a price to be paid for this botched engagement. The former Peace-keeping Mercenary group was extremely low on members, and with management issues already coming into play, it was decided that the group should be disbanded. Even still, Valerya wanted more out of life, and she wasn’t going to give up because of a simple mistake. She ended up investing her funds into a trip to the Citadel, which is where she stayed for the remaining years as a free-lancing Mercenary. She still sought to stay within the realms of moral work, and thus she spent most of her time doing Private Investigator work. It didn’t exactly sit well with C-Sec due to the fact she was doing their job for them, but it wasn’t exactly illegal either. Up until the point of the Reaper invasion, this is how Valerya lived her day-to-day life.

Eventually time had progressed to the point of the Reaper invasion, and that’s when it hit her. Batarian refugees had flooded in with the destruction of their home, and it had sent a message to her. She quickly spent some of her savings so she could go back to her home of Orison. But by the time she had managed to arrange everything she caught wind of that sector’s devastation from the Reaper invasion. Valerya, distraught from the destruction of her home saw one other option – Thessia. She didn’t want to see it go down the same was the Batarian’s home world went down, and thus she set off to the very birth place of the Asari. It was there that she found herself overwhelmed once more – But by a different foe. A foe that had no sense of mercy or a price that could be paid to avoid the inevitable. It was a total extinction event waiting to happen, and when the Reapers finally invaded, it was a terrible defeat. The Asari lacked the forces to compete with such a large amount of foes – Hit and Run tactics could only manage so many enemies at once. Thessia was lost, and along with it, many Asari left through any means they could. Valerya was one of them, and she was stationed on an Asari fleet. She would then go on to take part in the taking of Earth.

Despite all the losses that had happened throughout the war and Valerya’s overall life she still kept her cheery spirit. After all, what’s the point in winning if you’ll sulk over the losses? When the Reapers were finally defeated she still had the same yearning for adventure and she wanted to pursue it as much as possible. Valerya quickly became aware of the rising Joint-Task-Force, which she ended up finding as a suitable means of employment for the rest of her time. She hastily sent in a resume with her various talents, skills, and overall experience.

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and this is accepted too. --edit: fucking emojis

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