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[Steam Username]: Lord Space Boog I
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Name: Raelyn Gray
Age: Twenty
Species/Human or Robotic: Human
Character Advantages/Talents: Talented at her work, knowledgeable, street smart, barterer & business-smart, physically strong and fit.
Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses: Can't run a marathon, not one for stealth, can't utilize heavy weapons, short-sighted.
Faction: Wastelander
Current Equipment: A selection of various tools for blacksmith/armor-smith work, hunting shotgun, various pieces of handcrafted armor, scavenged full-head helmet.


Raelyn was born into the Wasteland like many others just like her to a pair of settlers who had been tied down in Maryland after having made a daring move from across the Wasteland to settle down and create a new trading business in a new area. Whilst she was growing up, Raelyn was surrounded by goods, junk and whatever else and usually left to experiment with what she had around her in order to get a better grip on how the world worked. As time went on, Raelyn began to accumulate the knowledge needed to undertake various engineering tasks; putting things together to see what came out the other end. Over time, this experimentation would soon become a full fledged hobby.

As she turned eighteen, Raelyn joined a caravan and spent a couple years in their company as they roamed the area doing trades and deals with varying settlers and settlements on their two years of caravan work. In that time, Raelyn had been tutored on how to properly make armor and modify it to the standard where it could be considered profitable; being taught by members of the caravan and then time to reflect on her teachings and start to learn on a practical level. Over the two years, as payment, Raelyn would also be taught how to protect herself with a firearm and was even able to afford a hunting shotgun and even a dusty and damaged full face helmet off one of the caravaners; seeming to have little to no use for it.

After leaving the caravan after her two years and her contract finally ending, Raelyn would be left to her own devices. She'd take her knowledge and gear with her, hoping to find a new place to set up shop and sell her profession to a new group of people. Either it being making armor or modifying it; she'd be able to provide for the right amount of caps and materials.

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