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VSterminator7's Character Authorization Empty VSterminator7's Character Authorization

Post by VSterminator7 on Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:56 pm

Steam Name: VSterminator7
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:59138346
Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198078542421/
Age: 14
How long have you been rping? Well over two years now.
How did you find us? Jayden.
Have you been banned from Singularity Gaming? No.

Name: Ferdinand Fuhrn
Age: 26
Species: Human
MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) : Combat Engineer
You do understand as this is a private server and you have filled out a Application you can be removed from the Server or have your Character taken away within reason at any moment: Si, senor.

Two Paragraph Backstory(For Returning players it is only one Paragraph), Five to Seven Sentences per Paragraph.

Ferdinand was born to a humble family on Earth on the North America continent, spending his younger years reading more than playing with the other kids. Keeping mostly to himself during these times. He'd eventually graduate from high school and go to college, but instead of all-night parties, he'd spend his time studying, studying, and more studying. Eventually earning a degree in Civil Engineering in 2184, mostly being unaffected by the galactic turmoil going on around him. Soon, though, he'd see the galaxy for what it was, and make the decision to enlist into the Systems Alliance. Earning the Combat Engineer MOS through rigorous training, though helped by his Civil Engineering degree. There, he'd be sent off as the marine attachment to a ship patrolling the borders of Alliance Space.

Ferdinand spent his time in the Alliance doing what soldiers were trained to do, and in his case, build. While there was not much need of fortification in space, he spent what time he could thinking about how he could best use his skill set in combat while taking in any information he could on the galaxy and how it worked. He'd be as reclusive as he was on Earth during his time on patrol, coming out of the barracks or weight room when he was ordered to. Ferdinand, of course, was hit figuratively with a fridge when the Reapers attacked Earth, knowing full well his parents and family were dead, so he was all too happy when Commander Shepherd and Alliance Command started pulling together all different races of the Council and more to take back Earth and take care of the Reaper threat. With all the races coming together around the Crucible before the attack, Ferdinand was completely shocked by its size, both of the fleet and the Crucible. Finally, the ships launched, shooting towards Earth. There, he would get his first taste of real combat in fighting the Reapers and there Husk forces with the Hammer while the Crucible was docked with the Citadel. After the battle ended, he soon found himself being reassigned to the First Contact Task Force as one of their Combat Engineers. Now, he serves proudly under the banner of the new coalition. Looking forward to the coming challenges ahead.

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VSterminator7's Character Authorization Empty Re: VSterminator7's Character Authorization

Post by Pianotugboat on Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:03 pm

Sounds fucking lovely -accepted-

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