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Harriet 'Hawk' Wilson, Human Biotic Application Empty Harriet 'Hawk' Wilson, Human Biotic Application

Post by Host of Proselyte on Thu Apr 21, 2016 9:50 pm

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Name: Harriet Wilson (Goes by only Hawk)
Age: 24
Species: Human
MOS (Military Occupational Specialty): Biotic (No military affiliation)
You do understand as this is a private server and you have filled out a Application you can be removed from the Server or have your Character taken away within reason at any moment: Yes, I understand.

Hawk was born in the year 2162, to a human mother and father on Earth. Neither of her parents were military, however both traveled the Earth over and over during their youth. She wasn't born until late in her parents' lives, when they were both around the age of 40. Needing to settle down upon learning of her mother's, Reice's, pregnancy, they moved to a small town off the coast, her father a scientist for a small pharmaceutical company, and her mother a teacher at a local high school. When the time came for Hawk to be born, it was in the dead of winter, December 30th, Both of her parents ended up dying in a car crash that miraculously didn't kill the toddler Harriet. She was put into the foster system as a result of the loss of her only family, and grew up being in foster home after foster home, proving to be... a headstrong child from the age of three on. She would never listen to anyone, and seemed to have it out for all. She hated being picked up, or touched by anyone at all, and as she grew, Harriet never changed, and... started trying to find another name for herself. She disliked the sound of her actual name, and just to make her foster families pissed, would ignore them when they called her by it. She infuriated anyone she met, and would keep her even expression all the while. She became a quiet, and level headed child that... wasn't quick to anger, but had a furious temper when she was. There were numerous occasions growing up she beat her foster siblings to a pulp (not literally) because they kept calling her Harriet, or made fun of how tall she was. Even at eight, Harriet was tall. She was even taller than many of the boys in her classrooms, and often intimidated children just with her size, and that blank, unamused stare of her's. Because of how intimidating the young girl was,  she didn't make friends in school, and frankly, she concerned her teachers with her lack of caring about making them. Harriet's motivations in life were always a mystery to whoever met her, or spent any amount of time around her, and even now, she's a woman who you'll never quite know what to expect from her.

Around the age of twelve, Harriet realized she had abilities, specifically moving objects with her mind. She never could quite use them very much, but when she needed something small moved, her abilities were there to help her. Also around that time, Harriet would picked the nickname Hawk for herself after she saved the life of one someone intended on shooting using her abilities. Hawk would've taken to the name quickly, and also... kept being her usual troublesome self. She eventually was discovered about two years of training her abilities in secret, getting pretty damn good at lifting objects with her abilities. When her foster family at the time found out, they... weren't the best people. They figured the Ascension Project would pay them for her, so they handed her over to them happily... and were disappointed when they weren't paid with anything for giving them the girl for the program. Hawk was taken away from her home planet, away from the world where her parents lived and died... though she gladly went with them. She was the adventurous type, and certainly didn't mind, or didn't show she minded being taken to Jon Grissom Academy. When she arrived, she was implanted with one of the last L2 implants to be implemented in a biotic. It was several months after that that L2 implants were no longer put in because of severe medical issues. Hawk was given the option of surgery, but she didn't take the option, and learned to live with her implants, and the subsequential, severe migraines she gets from time to time because of them. Because of her indomitable willpower, mental strength, and overall stubbornness, Hawk managed to fight the odds of the L2 implants, becoming an exceptionally talented Biotic. She was, of course, not the best, but she became one of the best L2 Biotics. With all her self-discipline, she showed very little interest in using her abilities unless she deemed it necessary. She mainly used them when she saw fit, which was often when others decided to bully her because of her height, as other teenagers seemed to find the best course of action when interacting with a 6'5" 16-year old teenager.

Her years at the Academy proved to be very beneficial for her abilities, however, around the age of 19, Hawk... up and left. She used those abilities of her's to make it onto a ship leaving the station. From there, she made it on the ship until they got to Elysium, and got off there, finding work... well, in her own way. The large Hawk found training with an old, Turian Bounty Hunter who just had her call him Sibius. He trained her how to use weaponry, mainly a Krysae Sniper Rifle and M-77 Paladin. He took her under his wing, in a way, and became the father figure she never had in her life. She traveled with him for four years, hunting down rogue aliens from Quarian to Asari, Human, Turian, and more. No bounty was impossible for the two. However... a bounty involving a rather difficult Human pirate would've proven to end up nearly the end of Sibius' and Hawk's lives. The bounty was completed; they did manage to capture him alive, somehow.. but not without her and Sibius both sustaining severe injuries. Sibius sustained ones bad enough to make him unfit for combat anymore, even with the advanced medical techniques of the universe. They turned in the bounty, and Hawk ended up using her half of what they got to buy Sibius a rather safe home on the outskirts of the Nemean Abyss where he'd set up a base that was practically a fortress, security-wise.

After Sibius' accident, Hawk went off on her own to travel the stars, still a bounty hunter as she was with him. She'd recovered from her wounds, unlike him, and went right back to it in order to satisfy whatever strange motivations she had, as well as provide for the Turian she considered her father.

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Harriet 'Hawk' Wilson, Human Biotic Application Empty Re: Harriet 'Hawk' Wilson, Human Biotic Application

Post by Toki on Thu Apr 21, 2016 10:29 pm

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Harriet 'Hawk' Wilson, Human Biotic Application Empty Re: Harriet 'Hawk' Wilson, Human Biotic Application

Post by Pianotugboat on Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:07 am

First thing, it seems terribly... wrong you don't instantly have biotic abilities upon discovery, even though the eezo dumping over well populated areas did happen(After a series of starship accidents in the 2150s which dispersed element zero over populated areas), biotics are not usable until implants are installed, unless you're an asari. Even then a screening for some type of medical procedure would of need to of been conducted until they found out about your eezo -infection- the fact that you simply stated that the human could move stuff prior to an implant is stating a human having a natural affinity to biotics which -doesn't happen- it is being put to pending until I see a near flawless app, (in the new format mind you) I am going to start grading specific applications like biotics harshly as they are a very big responsibility and are a form of deep trust.

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Harriet 'Hawk' Wilson, Human Biotic Application Empty Re: Harriet 'Hawk' Wilson, Human Biotic Application

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