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Post by Megabnark on Sun Aug 07, 2016 10:59 am

[Steam Username]: Megabnark
[Steam ID]: STEAM_0:0:41068979
AGE: 16
-Species/Human or Robotic: Eyebot, RobCo Manufacture
-Character Advantages/Talents: Has miniature storage system, has a ready access to files downloaded to its hard drive(as small as it is), and has a built-in laser weapon.
-Character Disadvantages/Weaknesses: Incapable of speaking, cannot act on personal will(since there is none), laser weapon require an energy cell recharge, cannot follow unknown commands, and does not have a resistant frame like his Enclave counterparts.

[Keep in mind some faction characters may be
subject to becoming event characters to prevent our server
from becoming faction wars roleplay]:
Faction Options:
Non-Passive Raiders[Event Character]
Non-Pyscho Raider[Requires Backstory Detailing Characters Sanity]
Settler[Standard wasteland Resident]
[You can apply for everyone, excluding Eyebots with a Enclave Duraframe mod]

-Current Equipment: OOC Script item(s) required: Laser pistol.
-Backstory: RCMs-36FC-3b was created just before the blast. It was a small project of one of the inventors on the side. This was his 36th attempt, and the third level of his model that he considered, as well as his unique model(regarding the ‘s’ at the end of the RCM), so he marked it as such. However, before the blast, this eyebot was shoved into a metal box and put away in his work table. In this building, which collapsed, the metal box was seemingly lost forever. It was only when a small caravan junk trader stumbled upon the collapsed facility in search for products, he found the eyebot husk in a box. He knew very little of what  this eyebot was made for, so he kept it around to sell it to someone who knew how to fix it. He was sure it would fetch a nice price.

However, to his dismay, a group of raiders sacked his caravan, and dragged off all of his stuff bag after bag to make it into armor, weapons, bullets, or other scrap to be traded with other raiders. A unique occurrence was the fact that the only bag with the husk in it was left behind, by pure dumb luck. The raiders were supposedly in a hurry, as they were in Super Mutant territory. This husk was again found, and dragged along by a lone ranger, who dropped it off in a building after becoming tired of its presence. It was dropped off in some building in Maryland, in which the Ranger immediately left, finding nothing of us of the region around him. This husk was left with very few parts missing, but it doesn’t have the right parts to function well.

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Styx was Right - Megabnark Empty Re: Styx was Right - Megabnark

Post by Satan on Sun Aug 07, 2016 7:04 pm


"It would be easy to get lost up there, wouldn't it? To find someplace very far away, where you could spend the rest of your life in peace and happiness."

Styx was Right - Megabnark Tumblr_nl4a4iVpIY1qhyx72o1_400

Styx was Right - Megabnark Tumblr_n1se16qZ191s29c9po1_400

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